Our offer to multinational corporations

Why employ a separate Accountant, Chief Accountant, Controller, Payroll Accountant, HR Assistant and Financial Assistant, if the team at Lelkes Accounting Office can provide you all this within one service?
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You can rely on our knowledge!

Our team consists of professionals who have decades of experience in multinational corporate groups in an international tax environment.
We are well aware of the terms used in a multinational environment, internal processes, owner needs, challenges, tasks and the right answers to the questions that arise.

Complexity – Why is it important?

Our package offered to multinational corporations includes international accounting, tax consulting and controlling support. In addition, we also provide services that go beyond general accounting, such as providing financial administration to our clients.

Through our cooperation, you can pay more attention to your main activities: the development of your products and services, and to your partners.

Through our US-based owner and clients we have learned, and continue to practice ever since the service standards of one of the world’s most demanding and dynamic markets – that of IT companies in the Silicon Valley of California – and we guarantee this standard in the domestic market.

We provide our service in both Hungarian and English language.

Our services for domestic subsidiaries of multinational corporations:


  • Based on Hungarian and international accounting standards (US GAAP or IFRS)
  • Real time data processing (with weekly or daily recording cycle)
  • Physical or online data connection
  • Experience in the Hungarian SAP R3 FI Module
  • Full knowledge of the international SAP R3 FI module
  • Application of other accounting / management information systems as required
  • On-site bookkeeping on demand
  • Maintaining full contact with the auditor, conducting pre- and final audits

Payroll and HR administration

  • Complex management of compound processes and situations related to the employment of workers
  • Up-to-date tax knowledge
  • Settlement of missions abroad (daily subsistence allowance, cost allowance, etc.)
  • Payroll accounting for employees with expat status, avoidance of double PIT
  • Reviewing, optimizing and operating existing payroll schemes (special employment and work schedule, working time frame, wage forms, cafeteria, other low-taxed benefits)
  • Review, optimization and operation of internal operational HR (payroll and labor) processes
  • Personal or online contact (Q&A service) for employees on payroll and health insurance issues

Tax Consultancy

  • VAT, TAO, PIT, HIPA, environmental taxes, product charges, energy tax, customs, and other special sector tax questions in Hungary
  • Optimization of the tax burden based on Hungarian tax legislation
  • Advice relating to tax breaks
  • Harmonization of double taxation situations under the OECD Convention
  • Granting support or full representation before the tax authority in official controls
  • Assisting decision support in judging domestic and foreign (international) transactions, reviewing and compiling contracts
  • Advisers with experience in an international tax environment

International Controlling and Reporting Support

  • Performing controlling tasks based on international and local management needs
  • Preparation of financial statements and lists in Hungarian and English
  • Preparation of international financial statements for monthly closing: P / L, Balance Sheet (Based on US GAAP / IFRS accounting standards)
  • Providing financial information to support customized budget, cash flow and forecast reports
  • Preparation of enterprise group level reports in central software as needed
  • Regular financial information for decision-makers (quantification and interpretation of results, if necessary through personal consultations)

Financial Administration

  • Optimization of internal financial processes
  • Invoicing to domestic and foreign partners
  • Preparation of customer balance statements, management of customer balance and payment orders, correspondence
  • Processing, aggregation, forwarding of Purchase orders to the appropriate process points
  • Preparation and recording of transfers
  • Preparation of supplier balance statements, tracking of supplier balance
  • Keeping in touch with suppliers and customers
  • Processing, summarizing, forwarding Expense Reports and Travel Request forms to the appropriate process points
  • InterCompany AR / AP reconciliations one month before closing
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Easy and secure change in the person
of the accountant

Once a customer has decided to partner with us, we will handle the entire process of changing the accountant, whether through professional consultation or transfer of accounting materials to our office.
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The Lelkes Accounting Office Budapest is a member of the National Association of Hungarian Tax Advisers and Accounting Services.