Accounting services

Accounting service is not only about data recording, learned knowledge, cognition or experience. At the Lelkes Accounting Office, we are breathing together with the particular Business we are accounting for.

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Enthusiasm for accounting​ – Why is it important? 

Because if you fail to have the professional knowledge, the many years of experience and the real dedication towards accounting and the profession, then accounting is nothing more than data recording.

‘An enthusiastic way of working’ is constructive, creative and stimulating for both the Client and the accountant. It helps to find the most appropriate solutions during accounting. The client provides information, ideas, its dream and the accountancy team provides the enthusiastic work, professional knowledge and support so the client can really focus on its business / purpose.

Lelkes Könyvelőiroda - Könyvelési szolgáltatások háttérkép


Introductory Note of Act C of 2000 on Accounting:
It is essential for the operation of the market economy that objective information based on past data be available on the pecuniary, financial and income situation, and on the development thereof, of enterprises, non-profit organizations, as well as other type of organizations.

What does accounting mean in everyday language?

During the accounting service, it is the responsibility of the accountant to record all the financial transaction documents, which are in the name of the company. In this case, the data content of the accounting documents (invoice, cash movement certificate, bank statement, other accounting document) is recorded according to certain rules with the help of an accounting program. This recording requires professional knowledge of the laws and regulations affecting both domestic and international affairs, including experience of professional practice where the accountant uses the knowledge he has learned and obtained over many years in accounting.

If the accountant or accounting office is unfamiliar with the business, the managing director’s plans, goals or does not see or want to look into the day-to-day business of that particular company, then he or she may not apply the most optimal rules that support the company.

That is why it is extremely important for the Lelkes Accounting Office to keep in touch with the client on time and needs. This gives us a deeper insight into the life and operation of the business, the plans and goals of the Managing Director, and on the basis of these we can suggest the most appropriate solutions.

Enthusiastic Accounting Service

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Easy and secure change in the person
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Once a customer has decided to partner with us, we will handle the entire process of changing the accountant, whether through professional consultation or transfer of accounting materials to our office.
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Accounting services

  • Single- and double-entry bookkeeping
  • Preparation of annual accounts, tax returns, retrospective accounting
  • Electronic filing
  • Processing of outgoing and incoming invoices
  • Processing of bank, cashier notes
  • In case of an EU tax number, preparation of summary statements
  • Local tax return
  • Management of analytical records
  • Preparation of accounting policy and other regulations
  • Notice of tax amounts payable
  • Year-end closure, annual returns, balance sheet preparation
  • Receipt of notes monthly (on request at the business premises, even by courier service)
  • Relations with tax authorities and local governments, administration
  • Preparation of statistical reports

The Lelkes Accounting Office Budapest is a member of the National Association of Hungarian Tax Advisers and Accounting Services.