Complex supplementary accounting services at the Lelkes Accounting Office
The liason, communication, collection and co-ordination of accounting material is tailored to the individual needs of the client. Supplementary accounting services – As being the most convenient for you!

Lelkes Könyvelőiroda - Könyvelési kiegészítő szolgáltatások

Why are supplementary accounting services important?

Any administrative support that may arise in the course of accounting work, payroll and tax consultancy is very important in the life of a company. The Lelkes Accounting Office helps with other supplementary administrative services and thus enhances the business comfort of the clients.

Liason, communication, collection and co-ordination of accounting materials are tailored to the needs of the client.

Lelkes Könyvelőiroda - kiegészítő könyvelési szolgáltatások

As it is the most comfortable for you! Free of charge supplementary accounting services!

What are these supplementary accounting services?

We provide access to an e-server folder where the client has direct access to its own accounting company documents. This way, one can keep track of the reports uploaded during the monthly closures one obtains from its accounting, in addition to the accounting documents one have registered.

Our clients can send their accounting materials via e-mail and receive monthly accounting reports in the same way, or do this monthly through a personal meeting.

Moreover, it is also possible for the Client to use its own system for data transfer and reporting. If you do not have time at all, an enthusiastic member of our team collects your accounting materials on a monthly basis.

Lelkes supplementary accounting services

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Easy and secure change in the person
of the accountant

Once a customer has decided to partner with us, we will handle the entire process of changing the accountant, whether through professional consultation or transfer of accounting materials to our office.
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Full support in starting a company

how to get started, the Lelkes Accounting team can help you set up a company or start a business. You just tell us your plans, share them with us, and the Lelkes Accounting Office will help you with your implementation with its professional, administrative services.

It is very important that you consult with a professional before starting a business on how and in what form to start a company or start up a business and what tax options to choose, including sales and profits.

Company formation, modification

  • Full consulting for start-ups
  • Conducting a company formation process


  • Valuation Regulation
  • Regulation on Managing Financial Means
  • Inventory Regulation
  • Depreciation Regulation
  • System of accounts
  • Accounting and supporting documents
  • Development of internal policies as required

The Lelkes Accounting Office Budapest is a member of the National Association of Hungarian Tax Advisers and Accounting Services.