Tax consultancy

It requires creative expertise, professional experience and yes, once again enthusiasm.
Tax advisory service from Andrea Lelkes, who has a Hungarian and international accountancy and tax advisory background.

Lelkes Könyvelőiroda - Adótanácsadás, adóoptimalizálás

Currently, numerous laws, regulations and EU directives determine the economic operation of business organizations.

These tax conditions (laws, regulations, EU directives) may not be overlapping at all, and it can even occur that one law allows a matter, while the other deals with the same economic issue more strictly.

In addition to a thorough understanding of the laws and regulations that govern economic life, it is important to see the system approach, to see what, when, why and how we can use it.

Lelkes Könyvelőiroda - Adótanácsadás

At the Lelkes Accounting Office, we pay special attention to optimizing tax and contributions as it supports and operates the interests, budget and plans of business entities.

During tax advisory, we provide our clients with tax advice regarding their particular business. This is called tax optimization.

It is important to know that tax advisory does not only require knowledge of tax law. On the one hand, one has to know all other laws and decrees regulating economic life. Such is the case with the Accounting Act, which is so important that the application of a peculiar tax law can only be successful if it is properly applied.

On the other hand, the relationship between legislation and procedures also needs to be understood in a comprehensive way. For example, if the accountant chooses the wrong accounting method, tax optimization may not be successful. For this reason, in many cases, accounting must also be adjusted within the legal framework in order to enforce the desired tax reduction. A good example of this is brokered service in the course of reducing the business tax base, including accounting concept, proper documentation, bookkeeping and record keeping.

Tax advisory service of the Lelkes Accounting Office

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Tax advisory services

  • Tax planning
  • Participation in tax audits
  • Consultations with authorities
  • Post follow-up of closed accounting years, self-auditing
  • Tax and accounting audits, due diligence
  • Preparing tax returns for the business and the employees
  • Preparation of individual tax returns
  • Obtaining tax certificates
  • Occasional tax expert assignments
  • Participation in foreign VAT reclaim
  • Preparation of documentation
  • Monitoring the changes of laws
  • Ongoing consultation

The Lelkes Accounting Office Budapest is a member of the National Association of Hungarian Tax Advisers and Accounting Services.